I launched ResuMAYDAY in 2001 after spending a few years as a recruiter. I was familiar with the resumes cranked out by expensive 'resume mills', and knew that good candidates deserve better. I rewrote so many of my candidates' resumes that I decided it was time to do it professionally. 

One of my distinctions is that I break the antiquated resume 'rules' that no longer work for today's job seeker, and today's digital job search. By breaking these rules, my clients get resumes that yield better results with recruiters, employers, and keyword scanners. For example: 1) Boiler-plate biz-buzz doesn't belong in your resume. 2) Your resume and LinkedIn profile shouldn't be carbon copies of each other. 3) The majority of candidates do NOT need more than one version of their resume (often pitched by lazy resume writers).

My #1 rule is to tell your best story and create the best resume you've earned.   

Over the years, I've shared job search advice with hundreds of media outlets, including television, radio, digital, and print. I've delivered hundreds of career advancement classes, presentations, workshops, panels, and keynote speeches. I mentor and coach up-and-coming coaches and resume writers as a member of many Career Expert groups and associations. I don't think there's a job or industry that I haven't tackled in my career and I can honestly say there isn't anything I don't know about getting a job in today's employment market. So, get in touch with me! 

One last note: the image to the right is the first ResuMAYDAY logo that a good friend designed for me back in 2001. It no longer fits the company brand, but it's served me well over the years. I didn't have the heart to delete it entirely.