You really helped me to make sense of and market my current status! I can’t say enough about how professional and customer service oriented you are. I’ll stay in touch, but if you ever need a reference, please feel free to call on me. Thanks again!!!! 
K.M., Human Resources 

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again! I have just accepted a job offer from my previous employer. Once the dust settled after the restructuring, they have created a new position that that suits me to a “T”. Why they did not think of this before, I can only speculate. Once they actually saw my qualifications on paper in the resume that ResuMAYDAY developed, they could hardly resist! 
B.C., Public Relations 

I have a new job!!! I am absolutely in love my new career. I am the assistant to the CFO and CMO and when the company President is in the office, I also work with him. My job is challenging and extremely rewarding. My resume sold me. I have never had so many compliments on what an impressive resume and job history. I can’t thank you enough. I hope things are going well with you. If I ever need an update – I will be in touch with you. With heartfelt thanks. 
L.R., Executive Assistant 

Please accept my sincere thanks for your work! I am very satisfied with the new resume. It does such a great job at showcasing my abilities and experiences. I had an interview within the first two days of my true effort and look forward to continued success. Having a great resume is so critical, I’m truly thankful for your insight and support. I was hesitant at first to imagine that someone else could capture “my experiences” and maintain the context, but consider me impressed. I will happily endorse you to friends and colleagues. 
T.T., Operations Manager 

I went through interview training with Lauren, and she gave me the sound bites I needed to describe my experiences in an interesting and professional way. I learned how to answer questions that I had only stumbled over before. The training gave me confidence and preparation that I would not have gained otherwise. The training made an enormous difference. 
P.M., Business Analyst 

I had been in the same job for eight years and knew I was looking for a career change after finishing my MBA. I called Lauren and she was so helpful in focusing me to collect my thoughts and get started. The PAR worksheet was instrumental in figuring out how to market myself. Through my conversations with Lauren and my resume consultant, I was able to envision the type of job I was looking for. My new resume really positions me for the type of job I am looking for. I feel confident that I will find a new position soon and I have ResuMAYDAY to thank for helping me organize my thoughts and change my presentation strategy. The exercise they took me through to create the resume and cover letter will also be invaluable in preparing me for future interviews! I feel so much more confident going out there and applying for positions I am interested in! I am so excited to get started. I am actually smiling again with the thought of moving on soon into a more positive situation that is a better fit for me! 
J.Z., IT Director 

It’s great — thanks again for all of your help! I think you did a fantastic job on my resume. It certainly does not look/read like a job description anymore! It’s so much more executive level. I’m looking forward to the responses I’ll receive and believe this was a great investment. 
R.M., Facilities Manager 

I was working with ResuMAYDAY even before my position was terminated. Lauren took the time to listen to me, read what I had prepared and then captured who I am and put it down on paper much better than I ever had imagined possible. The resume created for me showed prospective employers a potential employee that was well rounded, educated and experienced. Lauren made sure the resume and related materials were exactly right for me and continued to be interested in my situation as I sought employment.
S.T., Non-Profit Executive

I know the work you did for me generated tremendous interest and has allowed me to acquire several clients and new contacts for my consulting business. Your ability to frame my extensive background in a clear and concise manner has been very beneficial. Best Wishes.
M.V., CFO 

Just wanted to let you know that I have landed a position with…the first job I applied for. I start tomorrow morning at a salary of $10K more than I was making before. I ended up receiving 3 offers and was able to be lucky enough to get the job I was after. Thank you very much for your terrific work and the speed in which you got the resume to me. I believe it made a difference in earning the position. Thanks again! 
J.F., Financial Officer 

I just finished utilizing ResuMAYDAY for both resume creation and career assessment. It was an incredible process and well worth the money spent. The final resume is incredible! I couldn’t believe it was me! If you are going thru a career transition, or find yourself ‘stuck’ like I am after 15 years in the same industry, you really need to have a career assessment or career coaching. You will find it infinitely helpful and enlightening! 
M.L., Pharmaceutical Sales 

Lauren, you did a great job restructuring Jim’s resume. His previous resume, while it followed the typical “rules” of resume writing didn’t really convey what he wanted it to. After your restructuring and reformatting it comes off so much cleaner looking and really focuses on his strengths. Thanks for your help! 
V.D., father of recent college graduate 
(purchased the Graduate Gift Program) 

I saw an article about ResuMAYDAY in my local paper just as I was planning to return to the workforce after a twelve-year absence. When I was invited for a face-to-face interview, I contacted Lauren and she helped me prepare by putting me through a mock interview. She pointed out the areas I needed to work on and also cleaned up my resume so that it presented better. I got an offer with the second set of interviews. Thanks Lauren! 
N.O., HR Executive 

I was attempting a career change later in life, had not worked on a resume in many years, and found Lauren wonderful to work with. Lauren brought energy and great perspective to the process! I explained my situation and Lauren did all the work creating not one but two resumes to use in different situations. I found my dream job, thanks in part to the encouragement and expertise that I received at ResuMAYDAY. 
J.K., Non-Profit Executive (transitioned from Corporate C-level role) 

I was very impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by ResuMAYDAY. Their process is great. It makes you aware of accomplishments, skills, and experiences you have forgotten. It results in an excellent resume that you are proud to present to prospective employers. Thanks! 
D.C., IT Manager 

The resume and cover letter that resulted from this exercise was great! You were diligent in pushing me for more and more PAR stories. Ultimately, the PAR stories helped me to nail my interviews and be hired for the type of job I was designed to do. Your approach was encouraging and steady. 
K.G., Distribution Manager 

ResuMAYDAY helped me out in so many ways. You put together an excellent resume, but possibly more importantly, you helped me crystallize my career direction. All in all, a great experience! Thanks very much for all your help with my resume – I’m very happy with how it all turned out. Definitely couldn’t have done it on my own. 
K.S., PhD. 

Working with you was fabulous. We had an extensive phone consultation (you really asked a lot of unexpected questions!), trimmed the fat from my old resume, consolidated 15 years of experience into one page and within a couple of days, sent it to me in an eye-catching format. Because I am out of work, I was a bit worried about buying such a service but it was the best money I could have spent. I’ve already had several calls because of the new resume and I can truly say that my outlook has improved tremendously. 
A.A., Political Communications 

ResuMAYDAY was wonderful! I now have a resume that shows all my talents and skills. I would definitely recommend ResuMAYDAY to anyone looking for a great resume and cover letter. It was well worth the time and money. 
L.A., Event Coordinator 

What I appreciated about ResuMAYDAY was that they were able to take my discombobulated work history and telephone conversations and create a coherent and powerful resume — all within a couple days. Thank you! 
T.D., Sales Executive 

Working with ResuMAYDAY was a pleasure. I was asked lots of questions to get a thorough understanding of me, my background/skills/experience, what I wanted in the future, etc. Each question got me talking about my experiences and captured the whole picture. In the end, it was all pulled together to create the ideal resume. I would recommend ResuMAYDAY in a heartbeat. 
J.B., Project Manager 

Everyone at ResuMAYDAY was courteous, friendly and easy to deal with. I think the job ResuMAYDAY did with my resume was of a high level. I would highly recommend you to perspective clients. 
M.T., IT Trainer & Developer