PONG Jobclub - ATS Demonstration

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)


The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is the Achilles heel of every job seeker. Resumes submitted via ATS have a 50-75% chance of being read by a human.

This week, Lauren will:

Teach you the code to find the right keywords for your specific job search, and how to properly incorporate them into your resume and LinkedIn profile so the ATS will pass your resume along to the hiring manager Show you live, working examples of keyword searches using Google, LinkedIn, Word, and a free ATS simulator program to “Find the keywords first, THEN write the resume” Teach you how to use the proven "stacking method” that guarantees a strong match ATS score After participating in Lauren's ATS presentations, you will have an advanced proficiency in getting your resume into the right hands.